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L'Ecole du samedi in live sessions by Et Patati Patata !

L'Ecole du samedi Et Patati Patata #eflam #parapluieflam

#frenchsupplementaryschool @nrcse in Live Sessions by Et Patati Patata!

French supplementary school goes online face to face instant sharing.

With the distance guidance situation, we will support you or children's learning over the coming months.

French Live classes in groups or one to one are a great alternative and we are Number 1 with our e learning platform #etzouelearning.

Learn French from home ! 4-14 years old et 14 classes par niveau.

French primary teacher (école française) and fully trained French native teachers. 1.30 minutes per class every saturday ! Same pedagogy, same teacher, same groups !

When ? every saturday !

Where ? Face to face instant sharing !

Book now the French School summer term !

April: 18/25 - May: 2/9/16/23/30 - June: 6/13/20/27 - July: 4/11/18

Contact :



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