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Bravo les enfants! Et Patati Patata Gold French school Flam!

Et Patati Patata was founded in order to provide French language classes and a range of cultural activities including French dancing, cooking, drama and sports to French and bilingual families in London whose children are losing their French language skills. The school aims to help families keep the French mother tongue alive and stay connected within their community.

The founder of the school, Caroline Eugenie, also runs French Language Holiday Camps in London and private tuition.

'Being with us is really fun, we encourage children to learn French in a safe and positive environment. We encourage them to learn and play with confidence. We respect and take care of each personality.'

outstanding achievements:

• Detailed, highly professional and meticulous record keeping and documentation.

• Ensuring staff are fully trained is a high priority for the school and they have established good contacts with Hammersmith & Fulham LSCB in relation to safeguarding training.

• Excellent system of supervision within the school with the headteacher working alongside different teachers at different times and always at least two, and often three, staff with each group of 10-12 children.

• Impressive and engaging pattern of lessons through story, song, use of CDs, art materials, etc.


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