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Ecole Francaise Flam! Fulham. Mise en place et respect de la loi GDPR.

We want you to know that Et Patati Patata respects the information we hold on you and your child, and we take the security of your information very seriously. The information we collect from you are safe and private. We do not use personal information for any purpose other than in connection with your children’s studies, keeping you informed of information about the school and holiday camp. We do not provide personal information to others. Forms information are safe and confidential. The teachers will only have access to your tel number emergency in order to contact you for your children during the class or holiday camp. It is important that you keep Mrs Cassin up to date of any changes to the personal information provided. Erasure : you are entitled to ask to delete or remove personal information held but we will not be able to send and inform you via our e newsletter internal school, French Holiday Camp and French lessons from Et Patati Patata.


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