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Interview Caroline, founder Et Patati Patata et Et Zou on the new e learning platform for french?

London Macadam , the french lifestyle magazine met in London Caroline Eugenie, Founder Et Patati Patata on their new e learning french platform Et Zou!

London Macadam: You created in 2014 Et Patati Patata, an Award winning education brand teaching french to children with a french supplementary school, your fun french day camp and you recently launched Et Zou

Tell us why coming to E learning ?

Caroline Eugenie:

Save time, save money and adapt to the new generation is our next challenge at Et Patati Patata! We received more than 3 000 children learning french and more and more, families are asking for our pedagogy from home. They love and trust our brand, our programme, our certifications, the way we teach and trained our native teachers. Some students are not leaving in London, some learn from another country always with our successful Et Patati methode de français!

Adults also will be able to learn french from home, cafe, anytime, anywhere.

Also, technology has changed the possibilities within teaching and learning. Classes, which prior to the digital era were restricted to lectures, talks and physical objects, no longer have to be designed in that manner. Teachers and students now have a digital toolbox – ranging from engaging devices to teach the students to online courses and digital textbooks. Digital education is the term used to refer to all online educational practices. Projections show the e-learning market worldwide is forecast to surpass 243 billion U.S. dollars by 2022. If you think e generation is soon, you are late, for our children, it is now.

London Macadam: What is E Zou? Can you explain the virtual classroom to learn french on line?

Caroline Eugenie:

For some time, the virtual classroom remained a luxury available only to large organizations, Now with the easy availability of broadband internetand the new-age conferencing tools, conducting virtual training sessions is commercially feasible and thus getting more popular.

For those who have never tried a virtual classroom, here is a list of what this technology-aided learning brings to the table:

1- Save time, save money, stay at home, choose your french native tutor from Et Patati, choose your time and connect to the conference virtual classroom, the teacher will be there for your class in one to one or in group lessons!

2- virtual classrooms have an extra edge over self-paced e-learning–training content can be prepared faster than for self-paced e-content. Using templates and existing material, course material can be quickly put in place without going into unnecessary depth. On your e learning platform, you will have access to your french lessons, courses, badges, certifications, homework, you can ask your questions to your teachers.

3-The whiteboard in the conference room is easy to use, you can share with your teachers videos, files, PDF, french exercises. You need a camera, that's it!

4- Virtual classrooms are controlled by the instructor, who can explain in detail during the virtual session to encourage in-depth learning. Instructors can also use vibrant and impactful visuals to illustrate concepts. C'est bien!

London Macadam: On virtual classroom, how to share and follow the lesson with the teacher, how to access the platform, how to book a french lesson ?

Caroline Eugenie:

Families contact me and we give our advice on the level of french: children, adults classes, Flam, Fle, beginners, advanced.. I will also suggest booklets and methodology. Families book for 10 lessons of 1 hour and are able to choose the french tutor they would like selected by Et Patati Patata and fully trained.

Once registered, they will have have password to access their personal e learning platform and the day and times chosen for the virtual classroom, they just have to click on conference and the tutor will be there!

Virtual classrooms have an interactive Whiteboard, which takes up the majority of the screen. Instructors can share documents, images or presentations on the whiteboard and utilize various annotation tools to highlight important sections or point to relevant parts. All documents created or shared on the whiteboard can be saved by the learners as well as the instructor for future reference or learning. The Screen Sharing feature allows instructors as well as learners to share their current screen to display relevant information. The instructor can choose to share his or her screen in various ways – with or without the toolbar –or even share just a single application. This provides the opportunity to multitask during the session as well as take care of security concerns, if any.

Classes conducted on a virtual classroom can be truly termed as a “live class” and adapted to each level.

London Macadam: Will you teach different languages?

Caroline Eugenie:

We teach English already with excellent and experienced English certified teachers all levels and exams: IELTS; PET, FCE, CAE, CPE; TOEFL, GRE; GSCE, and Conversation, Listening, Pronunciation, Interviews.

London Macadam: Bonne chance et Merci!

Caroline Eugenie: Merci!

Try it, you will love it!

Et Zou, c'est parti!

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