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Votre Ecole Flam est GOLD!

BRAVO!! Notre Ecole Flam est en train d’être reconnue Gold standard in the new accreditation scheme in the NRCSE Quality Mark, a quality framework for supplementary schools! (NRCSE).

shows that the supplementary school provides a well-organised learning environment with teaching, record keeping and resources that support children’s and young people’s achievement and raise their self-esteem.

Et Patati Patata passed the recognition in march 2018 for teh following standard. We are the only Gold Flam School in London.

1. The supplementary school has created a well organised environment in which everyone can work comfortably and has clear expectations of behaviour that fosters good relationships and supports learning

2. Teachers know what children have previously learned and have guidelines on what to teach

3. There are simple records of what children have successfully learned

4. There are adequate teaching resources for the teacher and the learners

5. The school has clear aims, makes plans and keeps them under review. The supplementary school regularly consults with parents and students and is developing its programme accordingly

6. Staff are recruited openly and fairly, they are given the support and supervision the need to work.

7. Make sure children are safe

8. Financial procedures are set and followed, finances are accounted for openly.

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