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Bilingualism is good for your child - Try it with Et Patati Patata !

Article de Families South West London de Mars 2017

"The little guide to little bilingual brains - By Dr Evelyne Mercure

Infants and young children have an impressive capacity for learning languages. They are curious, very eager to communicate and their brains are designed for fast learning. There are several interesting advantages to raising bilingual children.

  1. Learning two languages encourages children to think about languages

  2. Bilingualism might make your child better at multi-tasking or listening to someone speaking in a noisy environment

  3. Mastering two lamguages will give children a better understanding of their family’s cultural background

  4. Bilingualism does not cause language delays"

Find out the entire article in Families South West HERE (page 49)


Set your kid on the fast track to become bilingual with our FLE class at our SATURDAY FRENCH SCHOOL Flam Fulham Et Patati Patata!

Mon Ecole du samedi Flam Fulham

Intensive Saturday French classes following the French curriculum 3 -15 year olds. 6 classes

Thomas’s Academy. Silver Award supplementary school Flam certification French Government Professeurs des Ecoles françaises

Summer Term Dates - April: 22/29 - May: 6/13/2 - June:3/10/17/24 - July:1​

07966 893674

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