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Et Patati Patata qualified the Bronze Award in the quality framework in supplementary education! #NR

National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education certifies that Et Patati Patata Saturday french school has met the standards required to achieve a Bronze Award in the Quality Framework for Supplementary Schools. The supplementary has created a well-organised environment in which everyone can work comfortably. The following policies and procedures are in place :

- Statement of aims

- List of management committee members

- Equal opportunities statement and procedures

- Code of behaviour

- Parent/school agreement including who to contact with suggestions/complaints

- Job descriptions or role descriptions for each staff member and volunteer

- Staffing and volunteer policy

- Safeguarding policy statement

- Child protection procedures

- Health and safety policy including risk assessment, off-site procedures, first aid and fire safety

- Registration form for each child and registers of attendance

- Financial rules, accounts and appropriate insurance

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