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French is fun and easy! Catch up with our skype lesson and our Espace Numérique…on the go!

The International French School is a specialized French language institute offering access to the French language via online classes from anywhere in the world. The international French School opens its doors to everyone who has an interest in learning French: for those who intend to visit or live in France, for individuals who are in relationships with French, and for those who are interested in France.

We offer Skype-based courses, conducted by a small team of teachers who are qualified, native French speakers with extensive pedagogical experience.

We also offer an extensive range of resources via our Numeric Platform.

The International French School’s teaching method is based on tailored, high quality individual tutoring. Our team will design a unique individual program of studies for each student or group according to their needs and goals. Your personal progress will continuously be assessed so the learning potential of every class is maximized. It is a fun learning experience while at the same time generating a professional and effective atmosphere.


Every skype class is 60 minutes long and consists of four parts:


Speaking: Each class begins with a minimum of 20 minutes of speaking. Our friendly, motivated and engaged teachers will encourage you to talk even when you don’t think you have the vocabulary! During these 20 minutes we will help you develop your oral expression, listening comprehension and correct pronunciation. 


Reading: The following 20 minutes are devoted to reading texts from various sources, exposing the students to different kinds of French at diverse linguistic levels.

Grammar: The last part of the class is dedicated to grammar and to homework correction. We will learn the unique structure of the French language, we will learn how to identify the various functions of words, how to conjugate verbs, construct sentences and more. We encourage our students to continue their learning beyond the frontal classes.


Assessment: Homework is an integral part of the program. Writing skills are mainly practiced at home, offering a more effective use of the teacher-student joint time. Writing skills will be checked by the teacher and discussed during the last section of the class. We will suggest our interactive platform with all resources from total beginner to Fluent!

Why learn French with us?


We have extensive experience and we are a winning Awarded brand:

-Qualified Silver Award in the quality framework for Supplementary School

-Shortlisted For Brilliant Hammersmith & Fulham Business awards 2015

-Qualified Best after School

-Selected FLAM French Government School in 2015 pour les enfants de langue maternelle français.

-Number 1 London’s French Day camps

Part of Et Patati Patata, we have access to:

All the resources of a Saturday French school Flam Certification Award winning supplementary school UK.


Classes are offered during all hours of the day, and even on weekends. So if you work full time, this should not prevent you from picking up French. Another advantage of our unique system is that you will not be required to spend extra money on buying text books or work books. All studying materials will be provided by your teachers.

We know you are busy and do not always have the time to commute to classes within your city of residence, or maybe there are no French classes offered where you currently live. Skype classes allow the students and teachers to be flexible with time, and classes can take place pretty much any hour of the day.

Students and families talk about our French Tutoring

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Caroline Sivilia

0796 689 3674 

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